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You know this feeling when something or someone start to piss you off and you don't know if you should go off the rails or keep calm? This situation happened to us so many times last year that we decided to turn the bad vibes into creativity and positivity. 

An evolution throughout anger to serenity. We visualized it as a storm. That Storm is yourself. How you can feel inside out : you can either stay mad and upset or you can choose to let go. We realized it's so much worth and healthier to let go than to waste energy on negative thoughts. When the Anger and frustrations are gone, you finally feel relaxed and in peace with yourself. This season, our collection is about that feeling of peace after the madness.
We called it AFTER THE STORM. 

Everyone act differently when they're mad but anyone can tell that feeling peaceful and relaxed feels way better. So keep calm girls and let it go. Let it go.




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