I started the brand because I love jewels since a time I can’t even remember.
I used to wear and buy a lot of earrings (and rings, and necklaces…)
but when I worked on the brand I just stopped to wear any piece of jewelry. 
At this time, I could not understand why. And one day, just like that I could not work on it anymore.
I felt that I had to take time to figure it out why I was blocked. Something was missing. 
My love for hand making never stopped. I knew one day I would be able to work again on this brand.
To me it was impossible to quit. After one year of questions, doubts, and specially after I travelled;
between London, Cape town and Barcelona I got it. 
It was not a lack of inspiration. Not at all. It was something deeper. 
In London, I learn how to really live, how to stop watching life through a screen.
Between Cape Town and Barcelona I finally understood.
I always wanted and acted like everything as to be perfect.
My entire life was focus on « Control ».
I created HAND AND HAND in order to speak to the women and to tell them to embrace their imperfections,
to live with them and to love them.
How could I speak about it if I was not applying that to myself first ?
I always wanted to be one hundred percent honest with you that’s why I could not work on the brand.
I had to be honest with myself and find myself first.
Oh Barcelona, you brought me back to my childhood memories, you reminded me why I started,
what inspires me, what makes my heart beat. NOW I GOT IT.
It’s time to get back to work. I am sorry not sorry for the time it took me,
but I can tell you I used it in the best way. 
Some things take time.